The Freedom House Mentoring Program aims to teach young adults  living in disadvantaged areas across the US essential life saving skills in First Aid and CPR.  The inspiring story of Freedom House Ambulance Service and it’s origins into Emergency Medicine in the 60s and 70s in inner-city Pittsburgh.
             This will serve as a motivating stimulus for these students. Students will also learn about the career paths available in healthcare and the requirements for success in these fields. True life stories from veteran health care providers will be part of the experience.  
             By learning about the fragility and complexity of our bodies and their processes we believe that a new perspective on health, safety and careers can be given to our students.

The Freedom House Mentoring Program is in early stages of formation from a surge of interest in the:“ Freedom House Documentary”. Freedom House Ambulance Service was a pioneering program In Pittsburgh's Hill District, which changed the course of emergency medical services in the nation. In 1967 Freedom House, a Hill District employment program partnered with the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine to create the first hospital based training program for Emergency Medical Technicians, which later became the template upon which all future EMT training programs in the country were modeled. Dr. Peter Safar, known as the "father of cardio pulmonary resuscitation" developed the model program, which trained 50 residents of the Hill District for productive jobs in the health field.

The Freedom House Mentoring Program hopes to capture the imagination of a new generation of inner  city youths  about health issues through  a mentoring, recruitment and training program leading to employment in the health professions.

A critical platform for the Mentoring programs will be the extensive use of the film “FREEDOM HOUSE, THE DOCUMENTARY” as the motivating, publicizing and educating part of the project. This film captures the early lives of African Americans in the inner city Hill District of Pittsburgh PA.  They became the first trainees of this landmark social experiment. Their stories are the stories, which will encourage this new generation to follow the health track, as they did, to productive and useful careers in the medical and health field.

* By helping to sponsor the Freedom House Documentary, you can bring this dream to fruition.

Mentoring Program Video